Dr. SJ Sutton, Ph.D, DCH DAH
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SJ welcomes you to her field of work supported by a PhD.
two Doctorates and Speciality Training in Subtle Energy Therapies

Ph.D. Doctor of Philosophy
DCH Doctorate in Clinical Guided Imagery/Analysis
DAH Doctorate in Alternative Healing

Dr. SJ is the Founder of SJB Enterprises
* PEMF Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field Therapy
Research/Teaching Center
Supercharges the bodies natural healing ability!

*Center Point Management, CPM
Psychosynthesis Therapy and Training Center

* The Complementary Healing Arts Institute, CHAI
A Missouri Based Non-Profit Private Foundation 
Where Mystic Wisdom Meets Etheric Energy For Health and Wellness


"Universal Mind/Body/Ethereal Wisdom as the Scientific Faith Based Reality"

SJB Enterprises


It is the mission of SJB Enterprises, Center Point Management, CPM and The Complemtary Healing Arts Institute, THE CHAI to contribute intentionality toward achieving universal side by side wholistic concepts with medical rationale. Through this melding of scientific and subtle energy a historic Hippocratic Oath can emerge. "Where science and ethereal meet we truly become more than our physical bodies. We become Illumined Supreme Intention"

The Body Of Work includes:

PEMF Energy Wellness, "Pulsed Magnetic Frequency 
 Paranormal Research, Remote Spirit Clearing
 Highest Path Reformation
Reiki, Healing Touch, Subtle Energy Academics        
 Diagnostic Regression Therapy


The Practice includes:  

* PEMF Machines, education, Sales, and Service
* Clinical Hypno-Analysis
* Specialist in Regression To Cause                                                                                                       
* Aberration Removal, Exorcism Vs Spirit Clearing
* ELNEC (End of Life Care) Bereavement Family Grief Counseling  

The Cornerstones that support this body of work include:

SJB Enterprises, Medical Equipment Research

"CPM" Center Point Management, A Service Based Practice

"The CHAI" The Complementary Healing Arts Institute, a Teaching Institute(A Registered MO Based Non-Profit Private Foundation)


Through my work with the natural magnetic body electro-microcurrect, psychological and spiritual aspects of mankind I have discovered a elementary truth we all share. That truth is that it requires all aspects of our being working in harmony to traverse our lives with strong vibrancy to a meaningful  end.        


If you want to change your Life? You first must change your Mind!

It is the belief demonstrated in this body of work throughout the disciplines used and taught that through combining Ethereal and the Altered Modality of Consciousness Awakening, a lot of people are going to get to use the talent, life experience and knowledge that the Universe has blessed them with. There are a lot of people in pain and confusion in this world. A box of subtle energy tools exists with which to address the problem of dysfunctional behavior and ill health. Some would say that these are "new" tools. It is highly suspect that possibly these tools are very ancient and we are merely remembering skills long forgotten.                                                                                                 Jann Burner, VP The Complementary Healing Arts Foundation

MMP is the interphasing, or combining, of various therapeutic modalities, and personality inventory systems employed at a subliminal level to influence, and enhance pertinent motivational factors, and thus restructure a desired psychological, and/or physiological response within an individual and, by implication, thus deprogram that individual of undesirable psychological, and/or physiological patterns. [Seedman]

MIND/BODY CONNECTION as a historical notion that dates back, at least, to Ancient Greece, where physicians recognized and explored the synergistic links between the two. We seek to understand, quantify and harness the marvelous capacity of the human mind and physic intuition to heal the physical body. Seedman


A fundamental change in the perception of time is happening. Intention is now of prime importance. The Imagineering of Intention is now more important than any bottom line. Companies, technologies, entire new ways of being are evolving so rapidly they resemble time-lapse photography of flowers growing. Yet this is no illusion, no slick scam. This is not a chain letter. This is the human mind becoming engaged, creating a mass bubble of intentionality. [Jann Burner]

"We are engaged in the creation of an ever changing, ever growing topography of a living Now. The present moment is not so much a statement of fact as a state of mind. A point of view. Guided Imagery and especially Ethereal Guided Imagery can facilitate this transformation.

This is what Center-Point Management is about."

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